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Shirdi Dharma Sai Vigraha Prathishta Contributions

We honor our Gurus as they bring the knowledge from all our Vedas and Puranas to us in a simple and easy to understand form which we can practice very easily. 

We are very excited to announce to all the devotees that we are working on bringing Shirdi Sai Murthy to our temple. Here Baba will appear as Dharma Sai with a balance in his hand. 

Devotees will keep their wish in a capsule on one side of the balance and the priest will keep another capsule on other side of the balance. Devotees have to perform baba instructions on the capsule that matches with the weight of the capsule with their wish. 

We are estimating a total cost of $20,000 for bringing 5ft Shirdi Dharma Sai Marble Idol from India and we would like to invite all the devotees to be part of this cause. 

We request all the devotees to donate as they wish. Our sankalp is to do the prathishta by Guru Purnima 2018 and have special events planned thru Punyatithi on Vijaya Dasami 2018

Jai SaiRam

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