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About Us

Sri SatyaNarayanaSwamy Temple is situated at a very convenient location in North Metro Atlanta area. It is located at 5910 Bethelview Road Cumming, GA 30040. It is a Panchayatana Devalayam. Sri Rama sahita Sri SatyaNarayanaSwamy is the main God at the temple. Lord Venkateswara, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesh, Lord Surya Narayana Murthy, Lord Pandu Ranga and Durga Ammavaru also will have their own temples in the main temple.

Temple started on auspicious day of Jyeshta Bahula Ekadasi, June 22nd, 2014.

Vigraha pratishtapana of the main idols was performed on June 29th, 2014

For pictures of the event, please visit PHOTO GALERY

Temple & Mission

Our Mission is to spread the Sanatana Dharma through preaching, prayers, practice and worship of Hindu Gods and Goddesses daily. Perform ritual ceremonies according to the methods described in Vedas. Performance required veidicrituals, prayers and offerings for all believer and followers of Hindu Dharma equally and achieve the blessing of the God (The Bhagwan) for peace, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Our mission is to help local community by our volunteers participating in various charitable events and community related work.

Our Mission is to preach the beautiful works and wisdom of God and various Saints within the Hindu Dharma guiding His beloved devotees through stories, art, drama and music and help them in path of attaining Salvation and the Supreme God Himself.

Our Mission is to guide young children in the right direction and inculcate the Hindu culture and values to become a good human, good citizen and a successful citizen. Resuscitate Hindu culture and values in their hearts. To be humble and be human. To respect every religious faith and know the Supreme.

Our Mission is to unite, observe and celebrate Indian Festivals. Perform humanitarian and educational activities. Propagating right human values and peace among all devotees.

Our Mission is to provide a sacred and holy place and facility to conduct activities to encourage such grounds of belief.

Our Mission is each individual upon leaving the temple, must be blessed and must leave at high level of God Consciousness than the level he or she arrived with.